Impulsive Thought: January 2011



Voting should be made compulsory in India

             Two-three days back  while going through the headlines of news papers, I saw a small caption, the Law minister Mr. Moily mooted the view regarding compulsory voting and he mentioned that serious thought should be given for compulsory voting.
              Which strike in mind that governments are not finding the cause for poor turn out but  searching short cut solution for a long cut question. Peoples are fed up with our  politician and political parties . they thought, whether left , right or center all parties are same, selfish and corrupt. No one are bother for public or country, all are only bother about them self and their kid and kith. 

               As this topic was mooted by Law Minister in the presence of CM Maharashtra, so i thought let me search the history of compulsory voting and put this question to Google and come to know that:  
               Compulsory voting is not new concept. some of the first country that introduce mandatory voting were Belgium in 1892, Argentina in 1914 and Australia in 1924. There are also countries such as Venezuela and Netherlands which at one time in their history practice compulsory voting but have since abolished it.

                  I also seen lots argument in favor and against of compulsory voting. some say in compulsory voting  decision made by democratic elected governments are likely more legitimate when higher percentage of population participate. Some who oppose said that compulsory  voting will curtail the constitutional freedom of the citizen. Even supporter of compulsory voting had suggested for monetary fine  for those who not turn up for election. They have also given lots of suggestions for compulsory voting.

                    I am also a supporter of maximum numbers of voting but not a compulsory voting . In  India there are people who are living in high profile society in big city like Mumbai, Delhi and prefer  not to go for voting because they can not stand in line for longer period, they fill insulted if they stand with  local or poor people in line. but there are also a section of poor peoples who can not go for voting due some genuine reasons that need to be sorted out before adopting compulsory voting.

                  Why I am saying all this because during recent assembly election, I was there at my Native village in Bihar.  I talk to the people who were not gone for voting. they given very valid and genuine reasons:

          (i)      They are totally dependent on their daily wages if they not earn they will not get food in night, so
                   if they go for voting their family will has to sleep without food.

          (ii)     They also told last time they had gone for voting, there was a bomb blast near the booth two
                   people died . so who will take responsibility to our family if any thing happen to us for going to
          (iii)    Some even said that last time they went for voting but their names were not there in voting list that          
                   so they have not gone for voting.
          (iv)    What is the benefit of voting all politicians are selfish they will make plan for rich people
                  only.means poor people loss their faith from politicians and political system.

                   In my view the above problems which were raised by the village people must be addressed and safety of life and guarantee of earning must be given by government. and all those who belongs to high profile society they feel ashame for standing in Que must be penalized for not voting. the penalties should not be monitory but what ever services they are taking from government like electricity, road, diesel, petrol etc.  should be restricted and charges higher than other people may be charged and their say on any government issue must not be heard. Above all this we need to learn the lesson from Venezuela and Netherlands, why they discontinued  compulsory voting .

             Above all if you feel any other suggestion please write your comment this will shape the public opinion. thank you.

Purvanchal State is Necessity.

          India got it independence in 1947 more than 60 years have passed but Purvanchal region of UP and Bihar got nothing change since independence. See the Gopalganj even it given two CM to Bihar but it is lacking lots of basic amenities like, a good University, a good railway connectivity. This district is known for its sugar factory but now everything is in dismay. Nitish jee or anybody only think about Chhapra, Patna, Bhaglpur, Muzzafarpur, Nawada, Katihar  etc. but nobody care about the Gopalganj, Siwan and even some part of Chhapra so i thing Bihar need one more division for better development.

         People may debate by giving the example of Jharkhad but in my views after separation and  decentralization of resources and  management of these  states i.e. Chatishgarh,Uttarkhand and Jharkhand improved lots. See what is happening in Mumbai. the GOI has exploited the resources from all other states made Mumbai flourished on cost of other states and developed maximum infrastructure.  Now Maharatra Political parties are demanding for reservation in all the job and other services claiming Mumbai is their . Same way Bihar and UP is exploiting the resources of this region and neglecting  this region in  all spheres of development .That same can be replicated any where even in Patna or Lucknow where people of other parts of same state will not allowed.  

          The small state means development of infrastructures and ultimately development of that region. You might give  example of Chatishgarh, or Uttarakhand or Jharkhand for poor govervance but after creation the infrastructure of these states improved lots. That so I think, for development of Purvanchal region  the separate Purvanchal state is necessity. By curving out some area from UP & Bihar, it Should be created with its capital either at Gorakhpur or Varansi. Please post your comments if you support or oppose the creation of new state\


तेजी से बढ़ रही है महंगाई, मुश्किल में ईएमआई

          सरकारी आंकड़े कहते हैं कि खाने - पीने की चीजों की महंगाईदर पिछले एक साल के सबसे ऊंचे लेवल (18.32 पर्सेंट ) परपहुंच गई है। इसमें प्याज , हरी सब्जियों और दूध का अहम रोलहै। महंगाई दर में लगातार पांचवें सप्ताह बढ़ोतरी हुई जिस तेजी से महगाई . सरकार  कह रही है की महगाई को कण्ट्रोल करना उसके हाथ में नहीं है क्योकि यह सब ग्लोबल लेबल पर हो रहा है और हमभी उसी का पार्ट है. जो उसके हाथ में उसे भी तो करो तो कुछ हद तक महगाई को कण्ट्रोल किया जा सकता है. बार बार पेट्रोल  दिसेल का दम क्यों बढ़ा रही , अगर बढ़ा ना इतना जरुरी है तो उसपे लागु टैक्स को तो न बढ़ाये .

             इकॉनमी पर गहरी नजर रखने वालों का कहना है कि रिजर्व बैंकऑफ इंडिया अपनी पॉलिसी दरों में बदलाव कर सकता है ,जिससे ब्याज दरें बढ़ने का अनुमान है। तब आम आदमी अलग -अलग तरह के लोन पर ज्यादा ब्याज चुकाएगा। इस सालआरबीआई 6 बार दरों में बढ़ोतरी कर चुका है। अब वह 25जनवरी को पॉलिसी दरों पर गौर करेगाइ अगर रिसर्व बैंक येसेही रेट बढ़ाते रहा तो खाने के समग्रिः तो हमारे खाने के प्लेटो से नदारद  तथा  सर से साया भी नदारद हो जायेगा.


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