Impulsive Thought: February 2011



Don't surrender India !

Ending of the hostage drama, Maoist has released the abducted collector of Malkangir, Orissa. The collector was originally to be released on Wednesday, was held back as the rebels come up with fresh demands including the release of another five Maoist from Jail. However, Shri R Vineet Krishna collector was finally released without meeting the demand. Happy ending of the hostage drama brought smiles and happiness among everybody's face especially the family members of the official.
 (R Vineet)
But in last a question also arise, even the incident of terrorism and insurgency in increasing day by day  but we are not learning the lesson from that. Where other nations are becoming tough against terrorism/insurgency but we are getting softer and softer day by day.

Maoist today released these abducted official but they have not ended their violence, tomorrow they may kill someone else, so only face and body will be different but killing will be on as usual as early. What India will get , we will be looser always in exchange tactics.

 Being an India, we have very poor memory power and forget things very fast. Indian state looks very venerable as never before. Why I am saying this, because this is most evident from the recent incident of terrorism. Instead of standing up and daring those who use guns and bombs to terrorize us. We are kneeling down under their pressure. We meekly surrender, thus expose ourselves to further violence.

One incident happened in early 1980, in Feb 84 when an Indian diplomat was kidnapped by members of the then UK based JKLF . Within  hours of kidnapping, the abductor issued their list of demands, which included million  pounds and the release of their leader Maqbool Butt who was kept in Tihar jail after being pronounced to death for killing. There was a hectic effort to convince the Iron lady Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then PM of India to accept the demand of abductors but Iron lady was unmoved with no talks, no deals principle. After someday the body of the  abducted diplomat was found. He was shot dead. 

But what India did, within 5 days the mercy petition of Maqbool But was turned down and he was executed.So I will like the tit for tat policy of Government of India and during the period of 1984-1989 the JKLF cadres were on the run due to this tit for tat policy. But so called pseudo intellectuals  had criticized this tit for tat policy of GOI.. 

The trend of exchange offer was started after the arrival of VP Singh Government with the release of Rubbiya Sayeed and the major casualty was the release of 3 dreaded Kashmiri militants in exchange of 216 IC-814 passengers at Kandhar.

In these two releases,  we have saved one particular Rubiya Sayeed and 216 passengers of IC-814 flight  but don't know how many Rubiya Sayeed and 216 passenger has been killed  since then by the release dreaded Militants.So tit for tat with no talks , no deals policy is the best policy. We could have absorbed the loss of  few people to secure the security of million. Enough is Enough.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat


Why terrorism/insurgency is spreading in India ?

Yesterday on 23/2/2011 all the newspapers and electronics medium spread the news that, Maoist has released Kidnapped collector of Malkangiri Orissa Shri R Vineet Krishna and JE Shri Pabitra Mohan Majhi but by the night another breaking news come that Maoist has released only JE and Collector will be released within 24 hours..

Even Government kneels down before them and accepted all their demand which they have put before Govt. But then why Maoist are playing dirty game.

However that is not their mistake we have not learned from our passed or from other countries.
  (Red Corridor)
The history of Terrorism and Insurgency in India is since its independence but earlier days , it was limited to North-East Region i.e.Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Assam, Then Punjab and J&K. When I tried to trace out the first causality fro Terrorism in Free India. I found from various book that Insurgency has given sizable blow to India in each decade starting from Killing of Army Patrol 29 Soldiers in 1957 by Naga Insurgent, , In 1960 an IAF aircraft and its pilots were kept hostage, 1975 Mizo rebels infiltrated the police HQ and killed the entire brass including IG , DIG and SP and wiping out of 22 strong sick regiment patrol in 1982 in Nagaland.

These all incidents of insurgency happened that time all of my age group people are at their minor and not able to understand the meaning of terrorism and insurgency but we have experienced and understand the dreaded terrorism of Punjab during 1980-90.

Why I am not mentioning J&K because J&K is not a case of terrorism in my believe but it is a case of enemy sponsor terrorism/guerrilla war imposed by an enemy country and that has to be dealt differently.

But all these insurgencies have been culled by our then courageous leadership effectively during 1950 to 1980. Why? Because for them nation was first and for that they can do anything to save the national integrity, but for present leadership vote bank is everything for this they can do any damage which even we see daily.

But when we turn the pages of history of our anti insurgency operation is very effective and proud feeling.which started in 1947 Sardar Patel sent Army to subdue the Nizam of Hyderbad.
 (Mrs Indira Gandhi)
First time in the history of free India Mrs Indira Gandhi use Air force in our own territory to bomb Aizawal when Mizo rebels has raised their flag on the treasury and about to sack Assam Riffle Bn headquarter including their families area. 

Even we criticize Indira Gandhi for her imposition of Emergency in 1975 but she was an iron lady who first thought about nation then about vote bank politics. But after the end of Indira era in 1984 all the political party adapted vote bank politics against Insurgency.they started preaching that insurgent are our own people we should use minimum power. What is the minimum power?
In present leadership's view minimum power means let insurgent kill our poor police and security personnel but we will not use our killing potential like Army , Air force against them, we will only request them to come for talk on their own terms. for example what happened when our 75 CRPF Jawans were killed by Maoist in Dantdwad, nothing, if same thing happened in any other country that country till date has burnt entire forest where even a scratch of insurgent were suspected but here a complete silence.

Since starting of 1990 Maoist has killed more civilian and security personnel compare to any other insurgent and always they show their pact with China and Pakistan but still we consider them that they are our own people we should not use maximum power . why ? When only for raising their flag on treasury Mrs Gandhi ordered to use Air force at Aizawal. Then here Maoist are giving causality to our man more than any conventional war. Even in Kargil war 1999 we had lose only 600-700 our braved soldier but here every year we are losing more than 1500 to 2000 people but still we are not ready to use our full power potential to eliminate them. Then what for these forces are.
In anticipation and implementation we are very lazy, we let a small wound to become cancer but we never anticipate and take curative action when it is in bud. 

We should learn from China about the territorial integrity . they never tolerate a single question about their territorial integrity. Recently they threaten USA & India that for protection of their territorial integrity, they are ready for even war with any one.

We should adapt the carrot and stick policy, those group who are ready to accept any formula settlement under our constitution and democracy system, we should help those group work under our system and those group who are not ready to come under our constitutional umbrella, we should cull them by using all our arsenal of armory and which will act as deterrent for other who never think again to question our sovereignty , otherwise there is no end, earlier North- East, then Punjab, then J&K , the Moist then, ULFA, now Gorkhaland , tomorrow may be other part of the country etc.

Today they have abducted Collector tomorrow may be Governor, CM, PM etc.

The Congress, The BJP, The Left and other Political parties and we people of India should be united and stop seeing Terrorism / Insurgency through glass of religion. Terrorism has no religion. Key to wine this complex war is to deprive it right now, the oxygen of partisan politics otherwise next turn for abduction may be any one from us. 

Enough is Enough, Now let us to fight the traitor with all arsenals of our armory and eliminate them before they eliminate us. 

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

5 major achievements of Nitish Kumar –CM Bihar:

  Nitish Kumār was born in Bakhtiarpur, to Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh and Parmeshwari Devi. His father was a freedom fighter and was close to the great Gandhian Bihar Vibhuti Anugrah Narayan Sinha, one of the founders of modern Bihar. His nickname is 'Munna'. He is a teetotaler, does not smoke, and is a frugal eater.He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Bihar College of Engineering, Patna now NIT Patna .

        One more feather have been added in the cap of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who was selected for NDTV's Politician of the year award. And his hard work is giving fruitful result to people of Bihar. The first impression when one hears the name Bihar is usually not positive. Those were the black days of Bihar. Today Bihar is changing. With more efficient people taking charge of the state, shattered image of Bihar will rise in glory.
(CM Nitish Kumar and Dy. CM Shushi Kumar Modi)
It is  fact, the list of achievements achieved  by Nitish Kumar and his government is very long and only those who are residents of Bihar or have seen the status of the state during both the regime of RJD and NDA can understand it better. So the hard work of CM Nitish Kumar and his government fully supported by Dy. CM Sushil Modi’ BJP in taking one by one to the direction of a developed state and with this pace of development that day is not far away when Bihar will also be counted in one of developed state list. In  my view these are some 5 major achievements  which achieved by Nitish kumar and his government for turnaround of Bihar.
1.                    Law & order:  His Government in Bihar has prosecuted more than 4500 criminal in 5 years of his rule which help to restore the faith of public in law & order system. This was achieved by setting of additional trial court for speedy prosecution of the criminal in time bound manner. In this exercise the SAF (Special task force) which was set up by recruiting ex-serviceman has also played major role in improvement of Law & Order situation. Most of Bihar’s infamous dons are behind bars. That includes RJD Ex-MP Mohd Shahabuddin and  ruling JD(U) MLA, Sunil Pandey,
.     2.             Education:   You can see the smile on the faces of the educated class as they got the reward, of their hard labour. Primary, middle and secondary schools of the state have once again come alive, with teachers and students. The difference between male and female child has also decreased, as the government has launched a number of projects for girls Those who had earlier lost faith over education are themselves sending their children towards schools, ‘madarsas’ or colleges. Government has recruited more 100000 teachers which was pending since long time. Now teachers are coming on time and schools run like a school

     3.          Road Infrastructure : the slogan “Hema malini ke gal jaisa road”which was given by his arch rival Lalu yadav has transformed in reality by Nitish Kumar and he during his last 5 years of his  tenure more e than 6,800 km of roads and 1,600 bridges and culverts constructed . Journey time in India’s 12th largest state, sprawling over 94,163 sq km, has been cut by half today in many places. Now, most of the state’s 38 districts — from northernmost West Champaran to Kaimur on the western end — are a drive of six hours or less from Patna.
     4.         Woman empowerment: He provided 50% reservation in panchayti raj which becomes an example for all over India. He gave free cycle for ix and x standard studying girls  due to that girls education percentage has improved significantly, these actions brought confidence among the woman which was earlier treated as an instrument of exploitation.

     5.          Health: Beside Road, Law & Order, and education , the improvement in health service  
     are also significant earlier where people hesitate to go government hospital as there was no doctor , nurse and other staff available in government hospital and general hygienic condition of hospital was pathetic but now it is improve lots now while going to government hospital people appreciate the improvement in health service and now people preferred  to go government hospital instead of to private. PHC are started working in interior village which was earlier a day dreaming.

                    I already stated the list of achievements are very long and it is very difficult to separate it out . and every body is waiting for one major proposal which is presently under consideration which when come in force will bring transparency and accountability in government and its stakeholders  and that proposal is” BIHAR RAJYA SEWA DENE KI GUARANTEE VIDHEYAK, 2011”.
      This story I had written when Nitish Kumar was on peak so I have tried to mentioned some facts for his achievement but now the situations are changing slowly slowly and what is reason behind this fall, what I feel , I have again tried to write Why Nitish Kumar graph is falling down falling down? Please read

Jai Hind , Jai Bharat. 


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