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Right to Service Bill 2011- A beginning

Rising from scratch, Bihar is now a torch bear for its new ideas, accountability and administrative reforms. Till 2005 Bihar was called a stinking state which was famous for its different kinds of crime and criminal activities. I will not quote wikileaks here to prove my fact but it was a proven fact when people calls Bihar a burden on India and an obstacle for India development. In some extend they were not wrong, because during Lalu ji and his family's rule nothing flourished other than crime and criminal in Bihar.

But after arrival of Nitish Kumar led NDA government everything have changed. Now Bihar becomes a focal point of discussion for its innovative actions in various aspect of administrative reforms. Nitish Kumar whom his rivals call Sushan Kumar he proved that he is really a Sushasan Kumar and changed the face of Bihar from a BIMARU state to fast developing state. During 1999- 2008 its GDP was just 5.1% where between 2008-2009 it was 11.03 next to Gujrat state. There are some special social and Administrative initiate whom he initiated for that he got maximum applauses and reorganization from all corner of society, national and international organizations.Earlier when we go out side of Bihar feel shy to disclose our identity,  Bihar as our mother state but now feel proud to say ya "I am Bihari". Some are the great applause-able works initiated by Bihar Government are as under:
  •  50% reservation for woman in Panchayat election.
  •  Bihar Special Court Bill 2009
  •  Right to Service Bill 2011
  •  Formation of Special Auxiliary force(SAF)
  • Creation of Road Infrastructure
  • Improvement of  Law & Order
  • Infrastructural and tourism
  • Speedy trial of criminal cases 
  • action against corruption and lots more
(Bihar attracted more tourist than Goa. Around 4.2 lakh foreign tourists arrived Bihar where in Goa it is only 3.7 lakh. It’s domestic tourist arrival has also gone up considerably to 1.33 crore. it is now fact tourist arrivals in Goa has gone down because of safety and security issues).

What is right to service Bill?
This Bill may be called the Bihar Rajya Sewa Dene Ki Guarantee Vidheyak, 2011. This bill will give guarantee to the citizen of the Bihar to get the services which notified under the bill done within stipulated time from a designated officer. If designated officer failed to provide that service within stipulated time then applicant can submit an application directly to the first appeal officer followed by second appellant authority and if appellant authorities found any negligence on designated officer part then designated officer would be penalized a fine minimum Rs 500.00 and maximum Rs. 5000.00/. This bill is just like Right to Information(RTI) Act. This Bill likely to come enforce with effect from 1 Apr 2011. 

Which are the services presently proposed under this Bill?

These are the some of services which are guaranteed under Right to Service Bill:
  1.   Application for various type of pension under social security schemes
  2.  Scholarship to students
  3.  Application for electricity connection, correction in electricity bill, repairing of electric fuse lines and  repairing cable break down.
  4.  Issuance of postmortem report form medical college
  5.   Issuance of Cast certificate
  6. .  Issuance of residence certificate
  7.   Income certificate
  8.  Renewal/endorsement/smart cart of driving license/Vehicle registration etc
  9.   Public Distribution system- issuance of FP shop and cancelation of FP shop license.
  10. Issuance of new ration card
  11.  License of medical shop
  12.  Agriculture department issuance of retail fertilizer shop/retail seed shop/pesticide shop
  13. Labour department – shop registration certificate, pulses and flavor mills license
  14.  Police Department- Police verification for passport/police verification for arms license/  Character verification  etc.
The achievement of the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in very short span of time is not by luck but it is his hard work and his dedication towards his job. As per his own revelation, he used to work initially even more than 12-14 hours in a day. Success is not something which comes by chance. It takes lots of preparation and character. Everyone likes to win, but most people are not willing to mold themselves to put in the effort and the time to prepare to win. Success needs sacrifice and self discipline. There is no substitute of hard work. Nitish Kumar is known for his hard work and vision.

Henry ford said “the harder you work the luckier you get. Where his predecessor was famous for his dialogue, acts of his brother- in-laws and nephews where Nitish Kumar is famous for his dedication and sushasan. So leader like him is very rarely we would find in present political sphere. So lets hope for better for Bihar and wish great success to this Right to Service Bill.


Bihar "Ek Jigyasa"

When  Rashtriya Janta Dal was in power, I got an opportunity to visit  Bihar Secretariat for some work related to the Land and Revenue Department. I was reached Secretariat at about 1430 hrs and started searching the concerned office. i.e. Land & Revenue office. As this was my first visit to Secretariat , I was not familiar with the office complex. I inquired with many people even the staffs who were working there are not in position to give correct reply because everybody was busy in their own business. During that period Secretariat was famous for money matter. Without money no honey there.

In last at about 1630 hrs, one police man guided me to General Administration Department, and they had given me correct reply and directed to go Chchapra the concerned officer is there. So one full day was wasted in searching a section in Patna secretariat. So my first experience with Patna Secretariat was no good but everything was Ok as I got my worked done at Chchapra within two days with some "Siparish".
But after arrival of Nitish kumar led NDA Government, recently I also got an opportunity to visit same Bihar Secretariat. Due to my past experience, there was little fear in my mind  regarding whether I will get my work done or not. However on reaching Secretariat, I was surprised , the Magic man Mr Nitish Kumar's Charisma was clearly visible everywhere, everything looked in very orderly manner. He proved the saying very accurately  " Winner don't do different things,  they do the things differently"

The one thing which impressed me most was the services of their control room which they have named "Jigyasa" which started by General Administrative Department. Let know it:

What is Jigyasa?
It is a Control Room which is started by General Administration department Patna to help the general people to locate the concerned office/officer as per their work requirement. It is a single telephone number helpline where information about:
(i) To know the concerned office and  officer who are competent to solve the problems of the caller.
(ii)Other any information which can be passed on telephone.
(iii) To know the telephone number of the concerned offices/officer.
(iv) This Control Room(Jigyasa) facilities is available everyday between 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs
(v) The Telephone number of Jigyasa is 0612-2233333

There are other help line number where can also be contacted for help
Disaster management Control Room: 061202217305
Farmer call center 1551
District Control Room 2219810
Police Control Room 0612-2201977/2201978

In last I salute Jigyasa which help me lots to make my Patna Secretariat visit success.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

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Why Bihar , Can't India ?

These days which ever newspapers we pick up Hindi or English. We will find one thing very common , whatever the news articles on Bihar, all are about the development, improvement of law & order, anti corruption initiative and other good works started by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his Government. Where in 1990s all the news regarding Bihar were about the fodder scam, murder, backwardness etc. and this slogan was very famous in all other states "One Bihari Sau Bimari"

But within a six years tenure of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who known for his soft and to the point speech , transparency and zeal to work for betterment of whatever post or office he hold. Still people remember the hard work and planning for development, he has done in Railway and Agriculture as Cabinet minister in these ministries

Within short span of six years Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has done charismatic improvement in infrastructure development ,  Law & order and initiative taken against corruption and confiscated the property illegal earn by corrupt Babus. Which made him "One Biahri sau pe Bhari"
Yes, but we cannot deny, the  Central Government has also done  many works in infrastructure development and improvement of life standard of poor people by launching scheme like MNREGA  (it is also a debatable subject)
But question arises here that in six year Mr Nitish Kumar felt the necessity for anti corruption law but why, neither BJP not Congress felt the same necessity at center. And I think, reason for not bringing any such law because they know that digging dipper in anti corruption they will find , themselves  buried inside the pit of corruption, which is not the case for Nitish Kumar, he is know for simple living and high thinking.All most all political parties are two sides of same coin.

See , the case of DMK, Trinimul Congress, National Conference etc, when NDA was in power, these parties were also in power and when UPA come in power again these parties come in power by shifting their alliance.So do not be hasty and judge that NDA will come in power then everything will be changed, if such situation come there is no grantee that these so call small parties will not again join with NDA. Everybody know, which party is  main beneficiary of 2G scam  and even their CBI is  also saying. Then congress shamefully made alliance with DMK in Tamil Nadu election. Why, because Congress know if they ditch DMK, NDA will take.Have we heard any strong statement from NDA against DMK for 2G, no, they are only targeting Ex- Telecom minister A Raja. Which make Congress claim strong for DMK as alliance.

So be cautious in selection, no NDA or UPA will bring that change but We People of India can bring that change by align with right kind of personality like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. Alone Hon'ble Anna Hazare has made six ministers in Maharashtra to resign if we all join then all the corrupt ministers and Babus will be wiped out from India.

If Bihar can bring legislation and confiscated the illegally earned property of corrupt Babus why can't India. "Hum Badlege jag Badlega." Enough is Enough

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, 
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