Impulsive Thought: January 2013



Apparels and looks Matters.

                   My brother is an Army man where my uncle is an accountant in state government office. My uncle earns more money compare to my brother but my brother who is an army Sipahi who works in infantry a very tough job. But whenever he comes on leave his smart turn out and well trimmed mustache and clean saving makes his looks more attractive and people thinks- he is an army officer so people of my village give him importance to his act and advice where my uncle who is real officer in statement government and earns more salary compare to my brother but no one care about his act and advice.
                One day I asked my uncle, why peoples not paid more attention towards your acts and advice where you have more experience and knowledge compare to my brother. My uncle replied that your brother wastes lots of money on unnecessary items like costly body spray, creams and razors of branded companies to keep himself dented and painted. My brother who was doing some work just little away from me heard the reply of my uncle and he come near to us and said “Uncle please listen me, I used money very judiciously because I earned money with lots of hardship compare to any state/private sector employee so I know the importance so money  therefore whatever things I use, most of them are from my army canteen and secrete behind my  smart dress turnout and smart looks are not due to expending lots of money on costly items but I expend money on right items. I use regularly Gillette product for saving/ hair removing which make me feel confidence and made my personality more attractive. These products are easily available in Army canteen as well as in local market, which you can also try. You will find after comparing price and performance of these products, the so called cheaper products which you are presently using is quite costly.
                After hearing this argument and seeing the product performances my uncle said “I wish I had opted for my hair removal”. After hearing this sentence my brother gifted a saving kit to my uncle requested hi to see the result.
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Police job a thankless job? Use and throw.

I am a Police Man. I also have a desire to celebrate festivals, to have lunch and dinner with my family but in 20 years of my service, but I never got a chance to celebrate Holi, Diwali, Eid or Christmas and rarely share lunch/dining table with my family. My relative stopped visiting me as I never attended their social cause.


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